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Everything about the depth of a squat and knee injuries. Posture and scoliosis.

I decided to write this article when I read one of my subscriber's question (chanel Heavy Metal Gym) Her coach advises her to move her knees outwards (while they should be just fixed) when she stands up while lifting weight up during a squat. So she asks me whether is it dangerous or not?! What do you think about it, my friends?! Today we are going to talk about squats, lunges and other exercises which pump your leg muscles, glutes and we will discuss knee injuries. Don't be lazy and read this information carefully so you can understand what is dangerous for your joints or vice versa. Due to the fact that there are so much untrue and incorrect information in modern fitness industry nowadays so you have to know your way around. As you'll see further there isn't anything difficult, just use your grey matter.

Recently, I uploaded a new video on my channel about the importance of understanding of what we do, for what purpose and how https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qdOp6Xw1T8

Today you'll understand the significance of it and I’ll give you an example.

What do usually coaches and gym rats say to you about squats? Right! Squats will “kill” your knees. But when we ask why, they don’t know what to say and even can’t explain what we can damage in our knee.

What about you?

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