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The history of the myth about healthiness of classic cardio or how not to become a hardgainer (a skinny person who has difficulties in putting on muscles) for a natural athlete.

The history of the myth about healthiness of classic cardio or how not to become a hardgainer (a skinny person who has difficulties in putting on muscles) for a natural athlete.

Hello to everyone! Today we are going to talk about such a thorny subject question as cardio. To do or not to do? When do we need to do it, if we decided to do cardio? Who needs to do it? Who shouldn’t do it? We are about to discuss many questions like these in the article.

Let’s begin with classic cardio, so PROS and CONS.


- make metabolism better;

- reduce overall body weight


- increases appetite and makes you crave for food;

- not only body fat will be burnt but your muscles too;

- calories are burnt only while doing cardio, not much happens afterwards;

- while performing cardio, the body faces a catabolic state;

- takes a lot of time and effort, overloads central nervous system;

-such long and monotonous work will slow down your metabolism;

- a natural athlete will burn a lot of muscle bulk…we can continue this list or we can stop but still…

Where did the myth about healthiness of cardio session begin? As Mikhail Zadornov criticizes America (undeservedly, by the way) so I keep saying that the EVIL comes from mixing natural training and training on pharmacology. I’ll explain why it happened and you’ll understand how it happened! Everybody who saw champions in bodybuilding, especially live, understands that no matter how you workout you won’t reach such results. It’s impossible. Even pharmacology doesn’t give you first place, so many of those who use it, understand why it’s not so effective. Utmost importance is nutrition - you have to eat like a horse or even like an elephant, especially when you are using drugs but an amateur doesn’t realize it and thinks that a pack of Metandienone will turn him into a DEMI-GOD. Real champions are demi-gods because it takes an immense effort and power of will to lead such a way of life! Moreover, to eat a lot isn’t enough, the food must be assimilated but the human body isn’t capable of processing so much nutrients (a

professional eats as much food as an ordinary person can only eat per week). From now on the remarkable abilities of insulin will help to explain how our body is capable of digesting so many calories. DON’T EVEN THINK TO TAKE INSULIN-IT IS DEADLY! Due to insulin intake many people have been dying recently.

Consider these words seriously. Steroids and Growth Hormone won’t cause you any harm but the insulin can drop you off the hooks. I’m not going to explain why, so if you want to know, you can google or ask experienced friends.

Those who knows the subject, comprehend that insulin, except for the fact that it’s the most powerful anabolic hormone, is also responsible for storing calories as fat. Hence, it is an endless circle: much food, much insulin and as a consequence – lots of fat and muscle bulk. If a professional with a lot of artificial hormones can allow himself/herself to do cardio, burning his/her hateful fat and help to kick start metabolism plus take a vast number of enzymes for better food assimilation and keep their muscle bulk then an amateur, NATURAL ATHLETE in particular will fall to pieces as a castle made of sand. Don’t listen to professionals’ advice, they will only do harm to you.

Cardio with less intensity does burn your fat, takes up much time and makes you CRAVE FOR FOOD, it’s far more difficult to fight cravings for a beginner. But don’t forget that classic cardio burn the fat only after 20 minutes of work (by the way interval cardio lasts 20 min ) and after you need to work 40 minutes more. During all this time you’ll be facing catabolism, can you imagine?! What effect it will make on your muscles?! More than that, it was discussed previously that such type of cardio will slow down your metabolism but we need the opposite.

Another myth about cardio should be done on empty stomach. Yes, it is so. It will be effective in a way that it will destroy your muscles but won’t burn the fat you have. It’s been long time when doctors in sports medicine proved that cardio after food intake was more successful in terms of fat burning than the cardio on an empty stomach; process of thermogenesis is more obvious after food intake.

What can we say to sum up:

-interval cardio is more effective than classic one in terms of fat burning, physical and mental state and also time-wise;

-perform classic cardio only as a warm up before working with weights and cool down after it;

- weights will always be more efficient then classic cardio, but only if the nutrition is right;

-if you have lots of excessive fat and you’ve decided to do cardio then don’t do it on empty stomach and don’t neglect weights.

Wish you stay POSITIVE and in a GREAT SHAPE!

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Author: Еgor Rubanovich

Translated by Karina Alexandrovna


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Phoenix Sosa

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