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Rating of muscle groups and their interdependence in growth potential of muscle bulk and strength.

Rating of musclegroups and their interdependence in growth potential of muscle bulk and strength.

Hello, my friends!

Today I want to talk about a very important topic which I couldn’t find in other sources. But to know and understand this is the matter of the first   importance for a person who works out with deliberation to achieve his/her result: gain good muscle bulk and increase his/her power and first of all to keep the bones green! The point is what muscle groups you need to train and what is the sequence of training these muscle groups to make this chain work, since every step cause growth   potential of the next step. Not so many people know that training one muscle group we induce the grows of the whole muscle mass but if you do the same what the other people do: there is nothing more stupid as starting with bench press and seated single arm concentrated curls because you won’t build neither pectoral   muscles nor biceps!!!

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Тестостерон и Гормон Роста – повышаем концентрацию в крови без искусственного введения в организм синтезированных гормонов, с помощью грамотного тренинга и питания + восстановления.

ФизКульт привет Друзья и Ученики!

Сегодня я поделюсь с вами очень полезной и важной информацией о Тестостероне и ГР. Вы узнаете много полезного и нового, что поможет вам не только в тренировках, но и в вашей жизнедеятельности в целом. Поможет грамотно строить тренировочный план, план питания, отдыха и восстановления. Поможет в прогрессе массы и силы, а также в сохранении и даже приумножения вашего здоровья, как натурального культуриста или бодибилдера, кому как больше нравится.

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Витамин D – стероид?

Витамин D – стероид?

ФизКульт привет, друзья и ученики!
Сегодня тема интересная и важная, особенно для тех, кто тренируется в натурашку, а таких среди ВАС большинство.

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Гормонозаменительная ТЕРАПИЯ

Польза для здоровья от заместительной терапии тестостероном.

Низкий уровень тестостерона у пожилых мужчин приводит к преждевременной смерти и повышает риск сердечных приступов и ударов, эректильных дисфункций, физиологической депрессии, а также уменьшает мышечную массу.

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Spinal disc herniation is not a life sentence

Spinal disc herniation is not a life sentence.

Hello, my friends. Today I’m going to tell you about my personal experience of getting a spinal disc herniation and how it healed. I want to warn you from the beginning that if you start doing the exercise that I was doing (and they have already helped a lot of many people) you have to take the responsibility of what will happen to you later. I’m not a doctor, but I thought I should warn you beforehand. The first two years I was suffering tons of pain and I was under treatment. I turned to the best doctors for help in my city. I’ve tried the best methods but I didn’t get the best results and even with taking medication, it didn’t take away the pain.

All this time I’ve been working out, of course, I didn’t do squats, deadlifts or bent-over rowing because of the intense pain in my loin. The pain started from the left side of my spine and went deep through my gluteus to the biceps femoris and after that the pain went under my knee where the pain passed. Suddenly, I felt this excruciating pain in my knee started to appear, and the pain transformed into a small ball. It disappeared a few seconds later and it seemed to me like I received an electrical shock especially it was dangerous when I was driving a car. The most difficult pain was when I sat down but lying down or standing up were much easier. Sitting down was unbearable.

When I realized that health care couldn't help me and because of my stupidity I was waiting for hope for 2 years and only after that I began to study this problem by myself as far as I can go. I was suffering the net about spinal disc herniation, the methods of its treatment and about people who had the same disaster. I’ll tell you what is true 100%: the spinal disc herniation is so individual for each person that you need to cue (treat) it very particularly and of course basing on background knowledge and previous people’s experience. Before sharing the methods how I get rid of the unbearable pain that even 7 pills of analgesic didn’t help me, I will do a very important divagation.

I always did deadlifts, bent-over barbell rows and of course squats: back and front, all these exercises I did with weights more than 200 kg that was heavy enough for me. Everybody might create a wrong picture that I got protrusions and spinal disc herniations from the squats and the deadlifts but this is a mistaken opinion. I’ll explain why I think so and I’m sure about it 1000%. First, I always did the exercise technically correct and perfect and if during this exercise weight became beyond my strength so I didn’t try to push it by any cost, I just stopped doing it. If it was the deadlift, I just let go of the bar and the barbell fell on the floor; doing squats the barbell fell on safety spotters.

Don’t spot somebody who does heavy squats without safety spotters or you will get an awful injury and even disablement. When doing the deadlift exercise never drop the plates against the floor (from the top) or it will definitely guarantee you spinal disc herniation as the vibration that comes from the contact of the plates with the floor will be passed on the bar and then will be passed on your body which is deadly for your spine. The second thing that can cause a problem is straightening the body and even leaning back like power lifters do but if the powerlifters’ technique is on a reasonable basis at the championships then for body-builder’s and the same is for power lifter’s workouts it is deadly for their intervertebral disks.

In this generation of people who are in their twenties have never held anything heavier than their iPhones have protrusions and spinal disc herniations. Think about it: spinal disc herniations and protrusions appear because of malnutrition. A fact you should know is when you are in your twenties, your joints, ligaments and interverterbral discs need proper, balanced nutrition or they will be buffed away. This is why you need to do strength training that protects your spine from injuries and other problems. Both genders need to do this.

If a person who works out tells you that he or she doesn't do any deadlifts or squats because they do not want to hurt their back (I hear this almost every single day) it means that he or she isn't educated and isn't competent regarding this topic. The person has just avoided heavy work and does only bench presses useless single arm curls. More often than not such a person combines two previous flaws like he or she is a marathon runner that thinks they are an athlete. They ask me, "What was the reason for your spinal problems? I always say, "Stupidity, unnecessary ambitions and personal ego."

It's sad but it's true. I will explain more step by step. I was 20 years old when I became serious about bodybuilding. When I was 14 years old, I loved to do pull-ups and dips. My first bodybuilding exercise was deadlifting. I could already lift 150 kg a couple of times! I fell in love with this exercise. As my strength continued to grow by the hours instead of days, it made my entire body stronger. I saw guys who started working out before me but they only did bench presses and dumbbell curls. I also did all of those exercises but my passion was the deadlift and pull-ups. I paid attention to the bent-over barbell row. As a result, my back became much stronger and broader. I felt my muscles in my back become stronger and healthier. I always had a medical examination at least once a year. Everybody started wondering why my spinal column was straight and how strong my back muscles looked. I get massages to relax my muscles to avoid back spasms because it leads to back distortion and other problems of the spine. I advise everybody to get a back massage especially people who already have back problems. Why? Because it increases blood flow in that area and it increases your intervertebral discs ailment.

You would be scared to death of any type of muscle spasm because you don't really feel it but it leads to muscular imbalance when one muscle is tensed and the other is relaxed as a result, you receive unequal pressure in your joints and vertebrae. You must see a good massage therapist once a week and take massage courses (5-10 seances) every 6 months. Do not do manual massage therapy! Never visit a manual therapist especially if you have severe spinal disc herniation and protrusions. I would not advise anyone to do this!

Back to the subject of my back. I've been working out for 5 years like this to a point where I began to become more interested in squats. Before I tried squats, I avoided them or I did them from time to time when I did 6-7 reps and lifted 146 kg. My legs were always stronger than my upper body and I did really good leg presses and seated leg curl extensions. In this 5-year period, I increased my reps to 8-10 and I could do 170 kg of squats. It's not much better than 140 kg and I know I fell behind with deadlift. As time went on, I started going crazy about squats and in 2 years I had good results; 6-7 reps of 200 kg. You will say it's not that much but it was good enough for me. The maximum weight I could lift was 260 kg but I am not sure. I did deep squats but it's not about powerlifting championships it's about how I felt when I did the exercise. My best results in deadlift were 5 reps of 260 kg from a platform level and we lifted almost 400 kg! By comparison from bench pressing, I did 7 reps of 180 kg. This is how I've been working out the last 15-17 years and I didn't have any injuries or tension. My spine was perfect despite all the weight.

We have come to a crucial event in my life regarding my intervertebral discs. It must have been the devil's doing that prompted me to take part in a strongman championship during this time because I didn't deadlift or squat as much anymore. My first championship I did moves I never tried before. For example, "the Farmer's Walk" where I had 120 kg in both hands. I felt that the weight was swinging and falling out of my hands but I knew that had to continue this way somehow. I wasn't thinking about the technique. Another move was the "Atlas Stones" where you lift on a specific altitude and you lift huge concrete balls that weight 70 kilograms or more. I don't remember the other move I performed but it looks like one of the weightlifting moves "JERK" and it's when you lift a huge log over your head. You would understand that this will hurt your spine and during this time I was over 30 years old. It's impossible not to have an injury even among athletes.

Now you see why I had spinal problems and it wasn't from bodybuilding or powerlifting that I did from time to time. I never had any spinal issues until I began doing these crazy strongman championships "power extreme" and my back never gave me any problems.

I remember this like it was yesterday: I went to the gym and I started doing squats with little weight and when I began lifting the weight, I felt this sharp pain in my left hamstring. I stopped my workout because I thought my warm up was bad and it didn't warm up my muscles. The next time I did the Romanian deadlift I felt even more pain in my left hamstring and the pain never went away. The pain only got worse. Later on, I got an X-ray, which didn't show anything, so I continued working out. 2 months later the pain became so unbearable that I got a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which showed two protrusions and spinal disc herniations in my lumbar spine. I was lucky to get an opportunity to get an appointment with the best doctors in my city. During this time, this became useless wandering and I had to get a lot of procedures, injections, pills, etc but none of this helped me recover. The pain still didn't go away. It was getting much worse!

I tried everything modern healthcare could give me except underwater spinal traction, so I decided to seek out information about more methods to stop my back pain. I searched for people who had the same problems as me such as ordinary people and athletes. The first advice I received was I should do a hyperextension workout. I started doing this exercise with my own weight and I did 3-5 sets of 12-15 reps of 80 kg. I did not do deadlifts, bent-over barbell rows, Romanian deadlifts or squats. I continued to pay in the amateur hockey league as a goalkeeper.

I started doing 3-4 sets of hyperextensions with my own weight for 1 year and I have gotten a good result. I did 6 reps of 100 kg! I also discovered that it's more convenient and practical to hold my weight at arm’s length. After each set I began to stretch and pull myself down with the help of my hands. I did this 3 times at first with a tense back and then 3 more times with relaxed muscles. Every time I did this it was very slow and smooth movements. At the beginning it was tough getting through the pain but afterwards it gets better and better.

I advise anybody to do this exercise after working out if you have a spinal condition or not. Since during this exercise I have tried to search for new information about it and I never stopped doing this. I actually found a set of yoga exercises at alleviate tension and pain from my lumbar spine. A week later after doing these exercises I got so much better and within a month all the pain, which tortured me for 2 years was gone! Here is the set of exercises that I continue to do every morning and evening. I advise you to do them also.

Exercise № 1

Lie down on your back, place your arms along your body. Put your heel on toes of other foot and let down it smoothly from one side to another and vice versa. 15-20 reps to each side then change legs.

Exercise № 2

Lie down on your back, place your arms out sideways, bend your knees and put your foot of one leg on the knee of another one. Let down your legs smoothly to the right then to the left, one at a time and at the same time turning your head opposite your legs. 15-20 reps to each side then change legs.

Doing both exercises breathe deeply and slowly. Don’t rush and feel the movement in each part of your body. At the beginning it will be hard and painfully; don’t do the moves through the pain but do it in safe amplitude. And remember, the more often you will do it, the better, the sooner you will feel better. These exercises are useful for everybody: for people who already have problems and for people who don’t have injuries as these moves stretch safely and profitably your intervertebral disks. For those who want to see the exercises on video, here is the link:


Exercise № 1.

Lie down on your back, place your arms out sideways. Bend your knees and place your heels near buttocks. Raise your pelvis up, slowly straining the muscles of your back and keep this position for just a couple of seconds, after that slowly back to square one but don’t put your pelvis on the floor. Do 10 reps to the maximum (at most).

Exercise № 2.

Lie down on your belly; stretch your hands above your head. Lift your arms and legs from the floor, slowly straining the muscles of your back and stomach. Keep this position for a couple of seconds (and each time try to do it during longer period of time). Here it doesn’t matter how high you will lift your arms and legs. The more important how smoothly and slowly you do it and also how long you keep this position. During this exercise don’t hold your breath. Do 10 reps.

Here are another 2 exercises, which I invented by myself (by the light of nature if I could say so), according to my problems.

Exercise № 1.

Lie down on your back, place your arms out sideways. Raise your bend knees at angle of 90 degrees, holding your legs together tightly. Put down your legs to the right slowly, not touching the floor and straightening your legs down, moving in an arc of a circle, roll over to another side, coming back to the square one. Do this move one at a time, each side. I invented it right after when stopped to hear the clicking sound of my intervertebral disks, doing the exercises №2. I want you to take a note that you can affect the spine differently by changing the angle between calf and hips. Do everything slowly and smoothly in order not to make yourself worse.

One more exercise that you need to do even if you have pain: squats but doing it very slowly and with a breath - holding. Do deep inhale before every repetition and squat slowly deeply as much as you can (as far as possible). Start exhale and get up slowly at the bottom position, coming back to square one. After it you should do deep inhale-exhale and again inhale, breath holding and again squatting. At top positions don’t straight your legs till the end; leave your knees a little bent. 30 reps + 1 minute of rest and another set. Begin with 3 sets.

Don’t forget to sit up but also very, very carefully, slowly and only with your own weight. One of the best ways to do sit ups is to do it with AB wheel. By the way, this exercise is the only one, where all core muscles work at the same time: loin and ABS.

Approximately after 2 years of doing these exercises I started thinking about coming back to squats. But how to do it correctly and safely? I began with front squats when the weight (usually a barbell) is held in front of the body across the clavicles and deltoids, first of all the weight is not as big as you need to take doing back squats and in the second place you can’t bend or round your back, even if you want, the barbell will crash. I did squats after seated leg curl in order to tire the quadriceps and take less weight doing squats. Over a couple of months I started to do one more set (doing back squats) with little weight and gradually form a workout to workout I put more weight. Today I do a back squat 3 sets of 12 reps of 170 kg (plus some reps are in reserve) and also 3 sets of 12 peps of 140 kg. But I avoid deadlifts and bent over barbell rows still as I feel discomfort from any leans forward with weight.

This is my story in brief, hope that it will help you and also will motivate you not to give up and not to quit workouts; it will help you to get rid of pain and return your confidence.

Ok, more about nutrition as it is important for your rehab and injuries prevention and it relates not only to your spine but other joints. I heard that a combination of such supplements like Arginine and Vitamin D3 help you when you have spinal disk herniations; I will not claim that it helped me but it was a coincidence and after a week of taking those supplements together, my pain started to disappear. Another thing that is important is fats, especially Omega-3 fatty acid. Try to find good sources of it and take it. In Russia I used to drink linseed oil. Never throw away yolks, they are safe for your nutrition and even more useful than egg white; Arnold Schwarzenegger knew that and sometimes shared this secret with others. Be afraid of trans fats, sweet drinks but drink more fresh water. Don’t drink instant coffee. Eat more greens, liver and red fish. It would be good if you start taking selenium and iodine products and supplements. Multivitamins with high dose of vitamin C will be also needed.

In conclusion I’ll advise you something that will help you to avoid injuries and problems with your spine:

  • Always do a good warm up before an exercise, better do less sets than don’t do a warm up set;
  • Never do squats and deadlift till to the limit;

  • Start your workout with hyperextensions, alternate between 2 different types, for those who don’t know, watch this video:


  • Don’t use weight lifting belts, they only make the core muscles week and relaxed that will lead you to injury in the future; leave it to lifters who does 1-2 reps of an exercise. It is not only dangerous but also useless for us as single reps give nothing, neither muscle bulk nor power.
  • Never do squats or deadlift if you are too tired or didn’t have enough sleep because it will cause you pain.

  • Never sit up with legs fixed because it will cause you lumbar spine injury and your ABS won’t work up to the hilt as a big part of loading will take hamstring and loin.

  • Never take weight from the floor when you’re sitting, it’s deadly for your loin; first take the weight with proper bent back and only then sit down.

  • When you’re sitting and doing an exercise, learn how to sit properly: don’t sit on your buttocks to the full extent, you have to set your feet against the floor or against the special rack and at the same time abut your trapezius muscles (upper part) on seat back, in such way you build “a carcase”. The load on your spine will be much less in such position. Follow the link to check the video:


  • Doing different bent-over barbell rows or Romanian deadlift always check that a bar slides over your legs. The further it is from your legs the more chances you have to get an injury.

Never straighten your back to the full, creating a straight line with your legs at the top position while you’re doing the deadlift; always do slight lean forward. It won’t let you to load your spine and leave the load in muscles that work in this exercise.

  • Don’t seat more than 20 minutes continuously, it’s desirable to get up each 10-15 minutes and stretch your muscles.

  • Doing hyperextensions never raise your body higher than when your body creates a straight line with your legs.

  • Try to avoid “one arm” exercises.

  • Walk every day during 30 minutes near to park belt or to the pond as it helps to supply intervertebral disks and also affects good on your health.

Useful information:

The worst thing is to sit, to sit during a long period of time and with a lean forward. Yes! And the majority of us usually spend 8 hours at work in such position. So you can come to a conclusion why people who didn’t take a barbell or a dumbbell have problems with their spine. Sitting like I described previously will give you pain in your back and the most especially in your lumbar spine (loin). When we are standing, your spine is loaded but less than we are sitting. Sitting position, plus with a lean forward and press force increases 11 times. Many people say: “Why when we are standing for a long time we want to sit down and then feel relief?! Everything is simple: when we are standing, back muscles are in static stress, that’s why they are getting tired faster but not because of intervertebral disk overload. It’s quite natural that after standing during a long period of time, we sit down and lion muscles get relaxation and all tension and pain goes away.

If you have spine injuries, it means that your old injury gives you pain then when we sit down, the load goes on that place where you have the injury already and of course you feel pain but not always. When we are standing, your spine holding all your body and muscles but if you just take a load of your feet and most of your muscles get relaxation and transfer all weight on your vertebral column. Hence it appears small injuries which you got because of sitting during a long period of time and after these small injuries become serious illness and problems and these things happen without doing weight-lifting exercises.

Remember next axiom: you have to work (develop) both ABS muscles and back muscles (loin) what is called core muscles. If your ABS muscles are stronger than your back (loin) muscles then your back will get pain and vice versa: if your back muscles is stronger than your ABS then your back will get pain. Did you get it? It’s very important as many of you work a lot on your ABS and forget or even I would say don’t give a F…! about your loin (erector spinae muscles or spinal erectors) and then you wonder why you have problems with your spine.

Pressure on intervertebral disks (in percent as standing position):

-Lying on you back – 25 %

-Lying on the side - 75%

- Standing -100%

- Standing with a lean forward- 150 %

- Standing with a lean forward and with weight in your hands -220%

- Sitting- 140%

- Sitting with a lean forward 185 %

- Sitting with a lean forward and with weight on your hands -275 %

My friends hope that I could help you. I exemplified you that spinal disk herniation or protrusion is not a life sentence, quitting workouts but it’s another challenge for YOU and YOUR character and your WILL and just simple test of your strength. I began to work on my deadlift and started doing it with just a bar, next time I’ll share how I succeed in it.

If this information helped you or you just like it, please share in acknowledgement. As it will be useful for many people and begin to apply to their lives, both with a purpose of healing and reducing pain and in a purpose of injuries prevention.

Good luck to everybody, I wish you great health and good vibes!

Author: George Strong https://www.facebook.com/trainiforyou

Translated by Karina Alexandrovna

Editor: Phoenix Sosa

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ФизКульт привет, друзья и ученики!

Сегодня, как и обещал я поделюсь с вами как стать реально ШИРЕ в любом возрасте, конечно для тех, у кого зоны роста еще не закрылись это будет гораздо эффективнее чем тем, кому уже за 25, но польза будет абсолютно всем. Это программа, рассчитанная на 8 недель, которые изменят ВАС на столько, что вы сами это увидите в отражении зеркала. Основой данной программы будут конечно же Подтягивания на перекладине, которые придают V– ОБРАЗНОСТЬ фигуре в любом возрасте. Я живу и тренируюсь в США и заметил, что большинство крупных парней начинают любую свою тренировку с Подтягиваний, да и многие про атлеты если вы заметили по их роликам поступают сегодня подобным образом и не зря.

Начинать свои тренировки мы будем с разминки в течении 3-5 минут в «гребном» тренажере, предварительно конечно размяв все суставы нашего тела. После чего необходимо будет сделать комплекс специальных упражнений на Ротаторы плеча, который вы могли видеть вот в этом видео:


А дальше выполняем следующие упражнения:


- Приседания 3 разминочных подхода и один подход на 15-20 раз;

- Обратный Пек Дек (на заднюю дельту) 3 подхода по 15-12 раз;

- Далее следует серия из 5 подходов для двух упражнений Подтягиваний и Жима Гантелей Сидя с опорой (можно и стоя, кому как удобнее) выполняемых поочередно. Естественно перед первыми рабочими подходами необходимо сделать разминочные). В Подтягивания во всех пяти подходах работаем на максимально возможное количество повторений, в то время как в Жиме стараемся укладываться в диапазон от 10 до 12 повторений;

- Завершаем серией из 3-х чередующихся подходов Вертикальных тяг (желательно с двумя независимыми рукоятями) из 15 медленных повторений с четкой паузой в нижней точке амплитуды и Отведениями гантелей в стороны, в такой же медленной манере выполнения из 15 повторений. Отдых между данными сериями от 30 до 40с. В Отведении гантелей старайтесь придерживаться манеры выполнения, когда руки не выведены вперед. А наоборот, смещены назад, так больше будет задействованы средние и задние пучки дельт, а именно задний пучок диктует на сколько большие и округлые ваши дельты и от его развития зависит развитие двух других пучков.


- Выполняем Экстензии спины с одновременным отведением гантелей в стороны в 5 подходах по 10-12 повторений, вес гантелей подбираем соответствующий;

- Далее следует серия из 5 подходов для двух упражнений Подтягиваний обратным хватом и Жима Гантелей Сидя с опорой (можно и стоя, кому как удобнее) выполняемых поочередно. Естественно перед первыми рабочими подходами необходимо сделать разминочные). В Подтягивания во всех пяти подходах работаем на максимально возможное количество повторений, в то время как в Жиме стараемся укладываться в диапазон 20 повторов, выполняемых неспешно с акцентом на негативную фазу движения;

- Брусья 5 подходов (повторения на каждую новую тренировку меняются по схеме 8 – 15 – максимально возможное, в первых двух случаях вес подбираем соответствующий, а в третьем работаем с весом собственного тела);

- Завершаем серией из 3-х чередующихся подходов Вертикальных тяг (желательно с двумя независимыми рукоятями) из 12 повторений с четкой паузой в нижней точке амплитуды и Отведениями гантелей в стороны на 12 повторений. Отдых между данными сериями 60с. В Отведении гантелей старайтесь придерживаться манеры выполнения, когда руки не выведены вперед. А наоборот, смещены назад, так больше будет задействованы средние и задние пучки дельт;


- Становая 3 разминочных подхода и два подхода на 5 и 3 раза;

- Обратный Пек Дек (на заднюю дельту) 3 подхода по 15-12 раз;

- Далее следует серия из 5 подходов для двух упражнений Подтягиваний и Жима Гантелей Сидя с опорой (можно и стоя, кому как удобнее) выполняемых поочередно. Естественно перед первыми рабочими подходами необходимо сделать разминочные). В Подтягивания во всех пяти подходах работаем на максимально возможное количество повторений, в то время как в Жиме стараемся укладываться в диапазон от 10 до 12 повторений;

- Завершаем серией из 3-х чередующихся подходов Вертикальных тяг (желательно с двумя независимыми рукоятями) из 15 медленных повторений с четкой паузой в нижней точке амплитуды и Отведениями гантелей в стороны, в такой же медленной манере выполнения из 15 повторений. Отдых между данными сериями от 30 до 40с. В Отведении гантелей старайтесь придерживаться манеры выполнения, когда руки не выведены вперед. А наоборот, смещены назад, так больше будет задействованы средние и задние пучки дельт.

В воскресенье начинаем новый цикл.

Заканчиваем любую тренировку легкой, дозированной растяжкой и заминкой на кардио тренажере с понижением темпа вплоть до полной остановки.

Тренироваться будем через день, если в выходные не получается, то тренируемся, как указано выше, отдыхая в выходные дни, но эффект будет лучше если день отдыха – день тренинга не зависимо от дней недели.

Отдыхать между подходами нужно до восстановления дыхания, обычно это от минуты до трёх, если не указано точного времени отдыха.

Каждый вечер настоятельно рекомендую 30м прогулку перед сном и растяжку всех мышечных групп и спать будете лучше и восстановление будет отличное.

Сделайте фотографии ДО начала программы и сразу по ее окончании, широчайшие спереди и сзади и двойной бицепс, постарайтесь сделать фото в одинаковых условиях: ракурс, свет и т.д.

Жду ваших отзывов и фото через 2 месяца друзья.

Автор GS13

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Избавление от ПИЩЕВОЙ ЗАВИСИМОСТИ Часть 5

Привет всем!

Сегодня хочу разобрать тему страха.
Мне это очень мешало спокойно жить и прогрессировать.
"Тренируюсь, потому что БОЮСЬ набрать жир. Не ем, потому что БОЮСЬ, что это лишнее. БОЮСЬ, а вдруг я не смогу добиться результата ? "знакомо?
Я долгое время жила с этой установкой- тренировалась, питалась по граммам под гнетом страха. Начитавшись противоречивой информации в интернете, запутавшись, я боялась всего. Любимой еды. Еды не в то время, пропуска тренировок .Всё по режиму и распорядку.
Если планы менялись, я испытывала жуткий психоз.
Совершенно не слушала тело и ИСТИНЫЕ потребности организма.
Результат? Его не было. Вечная депрессия.Это ошибка.
Я писала ранее, что менятся нужно от любви к себе. Стать лучше чем есть, здоровее, красивее. От любви, не от ненависти!
После слов Егора: "полюби сам Путь преображения, а не результат! "-меня как током ударило.
Я выбрала этот путь и образ жизни сама. Навсегда. Неужели я буду жить в страхе нарушить режим всю жизнь? ?Хватит! В приоритет встал комфорт. И физиологический,и психологический. Тренировки- в кайф. Не из под палки, ибо" надо" ,а в удовольствие. Мне очень нравится чувство после трени.Нравится развивать тело и возможности. Я не зацикливаюсь на результате, я Кайфую от процесса! ))да, я могу пропустить занятие, если неважно себя чувствую. Но страха нет!
В питании так же: я слушаю желания. Придерживаюсь правил ОСНОВНЫХ(всегда) ,но не зацикливаюсь на мелочах. Захотела что то- съела. Не продумывая ,"а что будет? "Организм сам подсказывает, что ему нужно. Повторюсь: он никогда сам себе не навредит. Главное, не ставить запретов. Никаких.
Сейчас многие подумают" а если я хочу вредных сладостей (к примеру) ,их можно? !"Удивлю: можно. В скором времени это пройдет само. И не нужны будут эти вкусняшки, как перестанут быть под запретом. Например, я любила молочный шоколад. Но он был под запретом. Сейчас, когда его" можно" ,он валяется в шкафу. Я его НЕ хочу. Люблю мёд теперь)
Предвидя ещё один вопрос: "а я не наберу жир, если дам волю себе? "-вряд ли. Но, даже если наберете,то это не произойдет в один момент +10 кг и его всегда можно сжечь )
Любите себя) и будьте здоровы)

Автор Ирина Безкоровайная

PS. Я искренне надеюсь, что кому то поможет эта рубрика, выбраться из психологической" ямы" и жить нормальной жизнью: )

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Избавления от расстройства пищевого поведения (РПП) ЧАСТЬ 4

Привет друзья!

Продолжим тему избавления от РПП
Сегодня хочу рассказать ,как я перестала бояться сладкого)
Изначально я думала, (да и не только я, а все" ППшки"),что сахар- это чистое зло. Ассоциировала это с жиром на животе, целлюлитом итд. Почему? Потому что так все говорят ,и пишут (вот главная ошибка- слушать" всех" ),один вред от сладкого. Почему то сложился стереотип,что любить его- это слабость, и если съел- то испытываешь чувство вины ("вредно" же )!
Почему нам должно быть стыдно за потребности организма?
Ведь калории из любой еды одинаковы, и именно от сладкого не толстеют, толстеют от ПЕРЕИЗБЫТКА калорий. До меня этот факт доходил очень долго. Я сладкоежка, но последние два года ломала себя ради цели, считая такую тягу слабоволием.
Была ли я счастлива? Отнюдь. Горда- да. Я могу. Не есть. Держусь! Вот какая молодец!
Только в кондитерской, если случалось там бывать, сьедала буквально глазами всё и сразу. Приходя домой, плакала. Но терпела. Была дерганая, хмурая,завидовала окружающим: "им можно! А мне нет- цель! "И жила от читмила до читмила, где обжиралась (в прямом смысле) всякой гадостью .А не худелось все равно.
После знакомства с Егором, когда рацион стал сбалансирован,я стала по немногу позволять сладкое. Устав бороться с самой собой .Сначала по утрам (и полезное, вредных вкусняшек я ещё боялась) -стало легче. Потом и после обеда)
Я начала прислушиваться к желаниям) А вес уходил!
Теперь я не боюсь сладкого, потому что это совершено никак не отразилось на качестве тела: )
И что интересно: много его не требуется на самом деле, кусочка ПОСЛЕ ОСНОВНОГО ПРИЕМА достаточно, чтобы удовлетворить желание) именно ощутить вкус. Наедаться им совершенно не хочется.
Я ,как ни странно, разлюбила свои любимые сладости: молочный шоколад, мороженое....Не боюсь их, а разлюбила. Мне теперь вкуснее мёд, халва, черный шоколад.
К чему это? К тому, что организм сам подскажет, что ему нужно!Со временем) Только не нужно ставить запретов, на любом (!)этапе построения тела
Любой запрет- стресс, лишние мысли о еде, совершенно не нужные: )
Эти мысли приносят больший вред, нежели одна конфетка,съеденая после обеда, и забытая через минуту: )

Автор Ирина Безкоровайная

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